Troubleshooting cPanel firewall lockout issues due to incorrect password in mail client

A firewall lockout is most often caused by a device configured with incorrect password details. If you are being locked out you will need to ensure all devices configured with your e-mail account have the correct details. 


Checking e-mail client configuration

  1. Find all devices configured to use e-mail
  2. Turn them all off
  3. Turn on one device and ensure its mail account settings are correct. Don't forget to also check outgoing SMTP server account settings as well
  4. Once this device works, turn on the next device and repeat the above step
  5. Continue doing this until all devices are working
  6. If you finish checking all devices and you still have this issue, there is likely another device somewhere with incorrect credentials

Checking you are blocked by the firewall

  1. Access the e-mail web server directly using (your server URL was provided upon account creation)
  2. If you receive a message that you're blocked, run through the 'Captcha' prompts to unblock
  3. Wait a moment (approx. 30 seconds)
  4. Refresh the web page
  5. If you see the 'Webmail' login details, then you are not blocked
  6. If you see a message indicating that you are blocked, then you will need to run through the 'Captcha' prompts again

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