Creating & Managing a WordPress website using the WordPress Manager by Softaculous


Just getting started?  You can use the information in this guide to create a new WordPress installation in our cPanel Shared Web Hosting environment using the WordPress Manager by Softaculous tool.


  1. Log into your cPanel hosting environment.
  2. Navigate to the WordPress Manager by Softaculous tool.
  3. To create a new WordPress Installation click the "Install" option.
  4. There are two installation options, "Quick Install" and "Regular Install".   We suggest using the "Regular Install" option - as you can ensure the details used are accurate.
    1. Under "Site Settings" name your site and add a description if required. The site name is what will be displayed in the Browser Tab and does not have to be the domain name itself.
    2. Under "Admin Account" configure the administrator username, password and email address.  By default, the username is set to “Admin” and the Password is set to “Pass”.   it is important to update the password before you go ahead with the installation.
    3. Choose the WordPress display language.
    4. Under "Select Plugin(s)" you can add any required plugins and manage plugin sets.  For more information on this you can review the WordPress documentation.
    5. Under "Advanced Settings" you can manage your database settings - "Auto Upgrade" options,  "Backup" locations, and automation.  If you are not sure about these options, they can be left as a default.
    6. Under "Select Theme" you can select a pre-made theme for your WordPress website.  You can choose from the default sponsored themes or use ‘Show all Themes’ to select an alternative one that is not listed.  The theme can be changed at any time after the installation has been completed. If not selected, the default theme will be installed.
  5. Click "InstalI" at the bottom of the page to begin the installation.
  6. Once the installation has been completed you can return to the WordPress Management tool and sign into your WordPress administrator portal using the "Login" option.  From here, you can add content, plugins and additional themes to your new website.

NB: Any existing installations should be listed under "Installations".  If you do not see any existing installations, you can use the "Scan" option to find any existing installations.

Troubleshooting:  Unable to log into WordPress after the installation.

Check your domain name to ensure the DNS configuration has been updated to point to your cPanel service.   You can review our guide to ensure your Domain Name is correctly pointing to your cPanel Server.  Do keep in mind that changes to DNS can take between 2-8 hours to action due to propagation.  After this time, your domains will resolve using the updated details.  You can review DNS Propagation using third-party tools such as the one linked below:

Sometimes the domain is correct, but it’s still not showing correctly on your device.  Usually, this is due to the browser's local cache.  You can clear the cached data from the browser to see new data quicker.  A guide on how this can be done is linked below:

For more information regarding the WordPress Manager,  you can review the Softaculous documentation.

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