Using cPanel File Manager to upload a file to your website

One of the easiest ways to upload files in cPanel is via the File Manager interface. If you need to upload files to a folder inside of your publically accessible website, the method for doing so is detailed below:


  1. Log into your cPanel account.  You can find your cPanel login page by navigating to https://YOURDOMAIN/cpanel or by navigating to https://YOURDOMAIN:2096, replacing YOURDOMAIN with your website address.
  2. Select the 'File Manager' icon.
    Click here to show the screenshot

  3. The File Manager will open in a new window.  Your website is normally stored in the 'public_html' folder.  You can navigate to this by clicking on the "public_html" in the tree view on the left hand side.
    Click here to show the screenshot

  4. At the top left of the window, select '+Folder'
    Click here to show the screenshot

  5. Name the folder whatever you like, using the dialogue that appears.
  6. On the left under 'public_html' click the folder you created.
  7. At the top left of this window, select 'Upload'.
    Click here to show the screenshot

  8. Either Drag and Drop files from your computer into the window or select the file you would like to upload here.
  9. Once uploaded, you can link to this file, using your website address, followed by the folder, and filename.  For example, the file in this guide would be visible by navigating to https://YOURDOMAIN/test/test.txt where YOURDOMAIN is your website address.

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