Monitoring CPU, IO and Memory usage in cPanel


Monitoring your resource usage is very helpful in finding faults that may be causing issues on your websites, as well as peak times when visitors to your site may cause additional load. If you’re seeing your usage reaching its limits, then you can investigate further with the help of a trained web developer or by referring to our simple troubleshooting guide.


  1. Log into your cPanel hosting environment.

  2. Navigate to the "Resource Usage" tool, which is under the “Metrix” tab.

  3. The "Dashboard" tab will show you any limits that have been reached over the past 24 hours.

  4. The "Current Usage" tab displays an overview of your resources in graphs. You can update the date range of the graphs using the "Timeframe" and "Time Unit" drop-down options.

  5. The "Snapshot" tab allows you to review resource usage snapshots which are automatically taken by cPanel during times when the load on the account is abnormal.

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