Adding and redirecting Addon Domains in your cPanel account

Sometimes, you may wish to point additional domains to your website. Redirects like this can be set up in your cPanel account.

You can follow the below guide to add additional domains to your cPanel account and redirect them to your website.


  1. Log into your cPanel account.
  2. Go to Domains > Addon Domains.
    Click here to show the screenshot

  3. Add your new domain in the "New Domain Name" field. You can leave the "Subdomain" and "Document Root" fields as what they automatically fill with. Click "Add Domain" once you're done.
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  4. Go back to the main cPanel page and then go to Domains > Redirects.
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  5. Select the type of redirect you wish to use from the "Type" dropdown menu. This will be 301 in most cases. To read more about the different types of redirects, please see this article.
  6. Select the domain you wish to redirect from the "https?://(www.)?" dropdown menu.
  7. Leave the "/" field blank and put the page you wish to redirect your domain to in the "Redirects to" field. The domain you are redirecting to must be the full URL, including "https://" or "https://"
    Leave the "www. redirection" selection as "Redirect with or without www.". Click "Add" to add your new redirect.
    Click here to show the screenshot

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