Troubleshooting Payments in Domain Panel

Frequently Asked Questions for Payment Issues at checkout

Sometimes when processing payments for orders, our Domain Panel will notify you with errors regarding your payment method. Generally the e-mail should give you enough information to resolve the problem, however as we are sending on the error codes directly from the payment gateway provider, the errors can be a little obscure. This document should help you solve any unusual problems, if you're not sure what to do.

01. Declined Card

If the email notifies you that the payment has failed with a DECLINED CARD there are a handful of probable causes:

-> Expiry Date has passed

-> The card has been reported as stolen

-> The bank has put a stop on the card due to insufficient funds or some other fraud protection.

In all of these cases, the solution is the same - ensure your credit card is valid (e.g. Expiry Date is still valid) and update the card in the portal if required - see on how to do this.

If your credit card is up to date, and you're still seeing these kinds of errors, you should call your bank to confirm whether they have put a stop on the card.

02. Invalid Credit Card Number / Invalid CVV / CVN, or invalid Expiry Date

Sometimes you will get a generic error that the Credit Card Number is invalid, or that the CVV is invalid.

In this case, double check the number you have entered matches the card exactly; The credit card number is the 16 digit number on the front of the card.

The CVV (also known as CVN - they all mean "Credit Card Verification Value" or "Credit Card Verification Number") is the 3 digit number on the back of the card.

The expiry date also needs to be a valid date format: it needs to be a month and year in the future.

If you have checked these details again, and the Credit Card number and CVV/CVN are definitely correct, then you will need to call your bank or card issuer, as they may not have activated your card, or your card may be faulty.

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