Updating Nameserver Delegation in Domain Panel

If you have purchased a domain from Micron21 and have your DNS hosted externally, or if you have purchased a Geographic Redundant DNS service for a dedicated Micron21 server, you will need to update your nameserver delegation within your Micron21 Domain Panel account.


  1. Log into your Micron21 Domain Panel account: https://domains.micron21.com/
  2. Click "Domains" to the left of the page once you've logged in.
    Click here to show the screenshot

  3. Click on the domain you wish to update the nameservers for.
  4. Click on Manage Delegation.
    Click here to show the screenshot

    Click here to show the screenshot

  5. You can then add the nameserver records you need to. You can also add additional records or remove unneeded records.
    Once you are done, simply click "Update Name Servers" to finish your changes.

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