Adding DKIM Verification for Hosted Exchange Mailboxes


DKIM, or DomainKeys Identified Mail, is an email authentication method designed to enhance the security of email communication. It works by allowing a sender to digitally sign their emails, providing a mechanism for the recipient to verify that the email was indeed sent by the claimed sender and that it hasn't been tampered with during transit.

Our Hosted Exchange service uses a simple CNAME record to validate your email by DKIM, adding the record below to your DNS Zone will ensure that you have been validated.


  1. Log into your DNS provider's DNS editor. If you need assistance with this, you may need to reach out to your DNS provider for more information.

  2. Add a new CNAME Record to your DNS Editor.

  3. Enter the following Name and Value to the new record:
    (Be sure to replace the ‘YOUR.DOMAIN” section with your real domain name)

    1. Name: m21hostedexchange._domainkey.YOUR.DOMAIN

    2. Value:

    3. TTL: 3600 (Or match any existing TTL on other TXT Records already associated with your domain name)

  4. Save the new record and allow up to 48 hours for DNS propagation.

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