.au domains launching first half of 2021

17 Sep 2020, Industry News by Micron21

The administrator of the .au doman names, .auDA, has indicated that second-level names (or direct .au) such as "Micron21.au" will soon be available in the first half of 2021. Second-level names will be a new option for all .au registrants, complementing registration at the third level of namespace such as: ".com.au"; ".net.au"; ".org.au"; ".id.au"; and ".asn.au".  Under the implementation rules defined by .auDA, existing registrants of .au licences will be able to apply for priority status to register for second-level .au domains that match their current third-level .au domains. For instance, "Micron21.com" will be able to apply for priority status to register the domain "Micron21.au".  Details of the priority allocation system can be found in the Implementation Rules.

This priority registration is intended to occur before the launch of ".au" to the general public. Some benefits of having ".au" direct registration include:

  1. Shorter domain name;
  2. More consumer choice; and 
  3. The entire ".au" namespace will conform to global international norms and standards.

Please stay tuned for more information. You can get in early, protect your brand, and register your interest for a new domain by contacting us.

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