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Key Benefits why Micron21 is the BEST provider for your Business !
  • Utilizes the world’s best virtualization cloud software VMware ESX
  • Built using the latest and very best Dell r630 Enterprise Hardware
  • Housed within our own high redundant mission critical datacentre
  • Onsite experienced engineers and specialists available for you at any time
  • Powered by our world class global high capacity network AS38880
  • Australia’s largest peered network globally
  • Real time Layer 3 to 7 Hardware Australian DDoS Protection
  • Free Migration Policy, we will migrate your entire environment for you
  • BYO Operating system or VM image- Any Operating system 32bit or 64bit
  • True console administration of your virtual machine via web console
  • The ability to remotely mount and boot ISO images
  • The ability to remotely shutdown, suspend or restart your VM
  • Ability for complete live backup’s of the entire VM – Daily, Weekly Monthly
  • Completely scalable processing, memory and hard disk capacity
  • Management Services are secured via a SSL VPN hardware token

Micron21 Cloud Virtual Servers
Show your IT to the world

The Micron21 Cloud provides a feature-rich VMware virtualisation environment that delivers a production ready service with proven efficiency, high availability and dynamic management. The most demanding cloud applications slot easily into our virtual datacentre. We use VMware to manage the Micron21 Cloud because VMware are the world leaders in virtualisation technology. The benefits of using VMware are passed on to you as an end user. Enjoy greater compatibility with your operating systems and server hosts, and more efficient resource usage for your cloud services. Businesses and enterprise user can work locally, and export OVF machines into and out of our cloud platform seamlessly. Know that our services will always stay up-to-date to provide you the most reliable service, because Micron21 are a premium VMware Partner.

Micron21 allows you to build your own DDoS protected Cloud Servers in our virtual datacentre to meet any technical requirement. We offer you the ability to add a large range of features to your Cloud services from basic snapshot backups to complete fault tolerance high availability solutions. Micron21 are the experts for mission critical hosting services - so let us build your environment today!

Micron21 Cloud Server Features Build your own Cloud Basic Cloud
Powerful Cloud
Enterprise Cloud
info Dedicated Memory Powered by VMware ESX
The amount of physical memory allocated to your cloud server
From 1 GB to 64 GB 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB
info Dedicated Premium Raid 10 SSD Storage
The amount of physical disk space allocated to your Cloud Server
From 100 GB to 1000 GB 200 GB 200 GB 300 GB
info Dedicated off site Backup Raid 6 Storage
The amount of off site backup storage allocated to your Cloud Server
You Choose None 200 GB 500 GB
info Dedicated Processing Power by Intel E5 V4
This is the maximum processing power in Mhz your Coud Server can use at any given time
Up to 32,000 mhz 4,000 mhz 8,000 mhz 16,000 mhz
info Provided CPU Processing Cores
This the number of Cores power in Mhz your Coud Server can use at any given time
Up to 16 Cores 2 Core 4 Core 8 Core
infoIP v4 Address Allocation Multi Homed on AS 38880
This is the number of IPv4 addresses assigned to your service
1 IPv4 Address 1 IPv4 Address 1 IPv4 Address From 1 IPv4 Address
infoIP v6 Address Allocation Multi Homed on AS 38880
This is the number of IPv6 addresses assigned to your service
1 IPv6 Address 1 IPv6 Address 1 IPv6 Address From 1 IPv6 Address
info100mbit Premium DDoS Protected Included Data
The amount of data you transfer between the internet and your Cloud Server fully redundant and DDoS protected connected
From 500 GB to Unmetered 500 GB 500 GB 2000 GB
infoAlways On Guaranteed DDoS Protection Level 2 Gbit - 200k PPS 2 Gbit - 200k PPS 2 Gbit - 200k PPS 2 Gbit - 200k PPS
infoDDoS Burst Protection Level
The size of DDoS attack traffic we will absorb protecting your service
50 Gbit - 5M PPS 50 Gbit - 5M PPS 50 Gbit - 5M PPS 50 Gbit - 5M PPS
infoDDoS Burstable Time Above Guaranteed Protection
The attack burst duration time which we will protect you by default
10 Min 10 Min 10 Min 10 Min
infoR1Soft Backup (Add On)
A virtual space provided with your VM so you can backup files within your VM as required
yes yes yes yes
infoGuaranteed Service Level Agreement
SLA Service Level Agreement, The level of service we promise to provide at all times
99.9 % 99.9 % 99.9 % 99.9 %
infoBYO VM or Virtual Appliance
Supply your own Virtual Image or OVF for your cloud server
yes yes yes yes
infoJuniper Networks Hardware Firewall (Add On)
We can provide you Juniper Shared or Hardware firewall services depending on your security requirements
yes yes yes yes
infoA10 Hardware Load Balancing (Add On)
We can provide you Shared or Dedicated A10 Hardware load balancer depending on your security requirements
yes yes yes yes
infoVDS Live Complete Full Image Backups (Add On)
Our live backup service protects your entire virtual server, live backing up your VDS a minimum of every 24 hours as a complete image
yes yes yes yes
infocPanel, Plesk, Windows, Litespeed (Add On)
Micron21 is an authorized dealer for all popular hosting platform software, if you need it we more than likely have it
yes yes yes yes
infoServer Analytical Monitoring
Memory, CPU & Disk Space Monitoring of your server on an individual basis using SNMP
yes yes yes yes
infoNo Minimum Terms or Contracts
Free to leave at any time, with 30 days notice
yes yes yes yes
infoOnline Real Time Bandwidth Usage
Statistics with Netflow Access displaying transfer statistics online at any time
yes yes yes yes
infoConsole SSL VPN Hardware Token (Add On)
Access your VM console directly so as to assist reformatting or diagnose underlying problems via a hardware SSL VPN Token
yes yes yes yes
infoEmail and Phone Support & Managment
Free to supply and use any operating system either Linux or Windows
Your Choice Business Support 24/7 Support 24/7 Support
infoOperating System
What type of support and management do you need
Your Choice You Choice Your Choice Your Choice
Monthly Costs
From $135.00 $245.00 $462.50 $1092.50

All Prices are EX GST

cPanel Cloud Servers

Imagine an out-of-the-box webhosting solution - designed, built, configured, security hardened, maintained and monitored by Micron21 for the sole use of your business.

Micron21 has successfully operated webhosting environments since our establishment. Whether you’re starting your own webhosting business, looking for a hosting environment superior to shared webhosting, or you need us to help create the perfect webhosting platform for your business, our cPanel Cloud Server solution is the perfect fit.

We will provide you a completely configured Linux cPanel environment with WHM and all the necessary additional software to build your the best multi tented web hosting platform. We will provide ongoing maintenance, taking care of all of the aspects of your hosting environment. This allows you to concentrate on providing your services to your customers.


Microsoft IIS and SQL Servers

If Linux and cPanel isn't for you, it might be that you need a Windows environment. We are expects in creating enterprise Microsoft solutions which might include redundant DFS replicated IIS web servers, mirrored SQL database servers, or custom SharePoint and Exchange deployments. We find that ASP applications running on our rock-solid windows architecture is faultless - We have the capacity to design, build, provision and maintain your complete environment as a turn key solution.

You can optionally extend your domain into the cloud, creating an online bastion for your business - whether it's a web-server or an intranet for your company, we're a Microsoft partner who have the knowledge, expertise and experience to build the Microsoft application stack you need.


Your Customised Cloud Environment

Just because we haven't listed what you're thinking about here doesn't mean we can't build it for you. If you have an idea about an application that will change the world - or a business model that hasn't been done yet - and you know exactly what you need to make it happen? Give us a call and we'll set you up with a cutting-edge Cloud platform with all the bells and whistles you need to make your enterprise succeed.

If you have the business plan down, but you're not sure about how to make the IT solution fit your need, not to worry - Our solution architects and support staff are the same expert team that designed and built the Micron21 network and infrastructure from the ground up. Be assured that you'll be able to get great advice on what you need to build your Cloud envioment, from the people that have already created a successful Australian company!


Micron21 Virtual Dedicated Server Bundle Features and Additional Add On Options

tick Ability for complete live backup’s of the entire Virtual Dedicated Server – to your custom defined restore points
tick Ability for Juniper SRX Firewall rules (Virtual or Hardware) Protect Any port, Any protocol complete security control
tick Ability for Load Balancing – Software based or a10 hardware based load balancing with SSL
tick Ability to HOT add resources and upgrade to the next Bundle, without rebooting (Operating System dependant)
tick Ability to migrate a Virtual Dedicated Server from one physical server to another live using VMotion
tick All Micron21 Cloud VDS services are backed by one of the best support teams in Australia
tick All Micron21 VM ESXi solutions allow true console administration of your virtual machine
tick Bring your own Operating system and/or VM image or Virtual Appliance Any Operating system 32bit or 64bit (VMDK, OVF, VDI)
tick Complete vSphere client and web access via two factor authentication
tick Completely saleable processing, memory and hard disk capacity
tick DDOS protected transit including layer 7 traffic protection with Real time DDoS attack visibility
tick Dedicated private network between all Datacentre locations for syncing data
tick Environment friendly allowing server consolidation while reducing your carbon IT footprint
tick Free Migration from your Existing Host with Support Package
tick Full Root / Administrator to your Virtual Dedicated Server

tick Individual Server Monitoring via email notifications with Support Package

tick You choose from 3 levels of Managed Support or no support (Unmanaged) - Business Support, 24 Hour Support and Ultimate Support. Each with an SLA providing you support for maintenance or spontaneous support when required 24/7

tick Migrate your Cloud VDS service internationally between six datacenter’s in different countries

tick Online bandwidth statistics including real time Netflow and SNMP data

tick Only hosted on the latest Dell Enterprise Server Hardware

tick Our primary Kilsyth datacentre has 3N power delivered by three independent (A, B, and C) circuits powered from Independent PDUs, switchboards, UPSs and generators

tick Our primary Kilsyth datacentre has a 2(2N) fully redundant precision HVAC Systems

tick Our primary Kilsyth datacentre is a AS ISO 15420 compliant building with fully redundant VESDA detection and ProInert (IG-55) Fire Suppression System

tick Redundant multi homed BGP media independent International Network

tick The ability to remotely mount and boot a huge range ISO Images

tick The ability to remotely shutdown, suspend or restart your virtual dedicated server

tick The largest focus within Micron21 is providing you the very best support from local engineers who actually care about your requirements.

tick Turn your Virtual Dedicated Server into a webhosting platform with cPanel or Plesk

tick We provide 100% SLA for power, cooling and network services to your VDS hosted in our Kilsyth Facility (individual VDS SLA is dependent on the redundancy options you choose)

tick Your own VLAN and routable IP range which is completely isolated from any other services




Micron21 Support

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