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Some .au direct orders will require priority information to be processed

You can retreive that information via this link: https://priority.auda.org.au

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Commencing 24th March, Australians can obtain a simpler slice of the internet for their hosting needs. The .au Direct top level domain (TLD) will be available to existing domain holders for priority application of their domain name, or new customers for available domain names. Get your .au through Micron21.

.au will become the new standard in trust for the home of all things Australian online.

Existing Customers

We encourage all our customers to secure this new domain, especially for brand protection.

Existing .au TLD customers can apply for priority status through Micron21. The priority status period will run for six month from the 24th March. There are some rules around allocation of .au direct names, especially if someone else uses the same name but with a different TLD e.g. org.au while you hold the .com.au. auDA’s rules on the priority allocation is provided below, however, we are available to assist if you have questions on this.

There will be more information provided to domain holders closer to the launch date on how to apply for your new .au.

See allocation process here

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New Customers

All new and available names will be ready for purchase on the 24th of March. However, we recommend purchasing a .au domain now to secure priority status in case it gets snapped up.

We anticipate that the .au direct domain will become the standard for Australian websites and domains.

Why a .au domain is better

.au is a new option for Australian domains

.au is shorter and simpler

.au is uniquely Australian


Want to know more about .au?

About .au direct names

Learn about the rules for .au direct domain names.

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The .au direct launch

Learn about how .au direct names will be rolled out.

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The .au direct priority allocation process

Existing registrants of other .au domain names will have the chance to apply for the .au direct exact match of their names via the priority allocation process.

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