DNS Application Firewalls

Protect Domain Name System servers from malicious attacks by providing a layer of protection before the DNS platform.

Provided as part of our A10 solution, the DNS Application Firewall (DAF) functions as an intelligent barrier that filters all DNS requests. It is specifically designed to mitigate attacks without blocking legitimate requests and without slowing down overall DNS performance.

A DNS Application Firewall differs from a traditional network firewall in that it inspects data at a much higher level of detail. DNS Application Firewalls can provide 'surge protection' by caching results and intelligently denying illegitimate requests, based on the information included in the request.

A network firewall and a DAF are generally deployed together and provide complementary levels of security.

Protect against DNS vulnerability.

DNS servers are usually most vulnerable to brute force and flooding events. The DAF is capable of defending both itself, and the DNS platform it protects, from SYN Flood attacks. It also performs a traffic inspection service which can quarantine malicious or invalid traffic.

DNS Application Firewall is included with all of our cloud hosting options, and can be deployed as an additional service for cloud server, cloud data centre, and physical server needs.

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