mSAN Lite vs mSAN Enterprise

How mSAN Enterprise provides even more protection of your data

Within our mCloud platform, our mSAN service is engineered for redundancy, employing replication to distribute multiple data copies across the many nodes that make up the mSAN cluster to ensure the availability of data.

However, for those that need even more protection, we have a higher-tier service that goes to extra mile to protect that data, via replicating it in real time to an off-site location!


mSAN Enterprise provides even more data protection

Our mSAN platform is already built to be resilient and fault-tolerant, as all data is replicated a minimum of four times throughout the storage cluster. This is the default level of protection that our clients get with our mSAN Lite service.

Our mSAN Enterprise service however is built to go the extra mile, with all data is also replicated to an offsite location to protect it from location-based issues. Our entire mSAN platfrom benefits from cutting-edge self-repair capabilities, automatically adjusting data distribution in response to system expansions or failures, guaranteeing that your data is consistently accessible and protected.

That scalability, unlike with vSAN, also allows you to start with a modest setup and incrementally grow, adding storage as needed without any limits - the performance of that storage also scales in direct proportion to added capacity, making sure that any added storage is just as fast as it was before.


Powered by Enterprise-Grade Dell Hardware

With this platform, the hardware behind the scenes is also just as impressive. It's built to utilise Enterprise-Grade Dell hardware with NVMe Storage being used for production workloads to make sure performance is at its peak.

Leveraging that hardware to form a network of storage nodes, we provide a seamless storage solution that functions as a cohesive unit, capable of easy scaling to meet any requirements. This enables organizations to start small and expand capacity over time. Whether starting with smaller requirements or aiming for future capacities of over a petabyte, the mSAN platform stands out for ensuring uninterrupted data availability. 


Customisable to your needs

For those that need large amounts of lower-performance storage though, hybrid storage is also available for those that need bulk or long-term archival storage.

Our mSAN Hybrid platform, users are able to get access to large amounts of SAS storage with SSD caching in front to quickly server frequently accessed data. This is more economical for use-cases where disk performance isn't the bottleneck or required, allowing users to optimise their systems and only spend money where it's needed.

However, storage is no longer and all-or-nothing proposition. Users are able to choose to mix and match their choice of mSAN Lite, mSAN Enterprise, or mSAN Hybrid services to suit their needs, providing even more flexibility.


Want to know more?

We are committed to assisting end users, hosting and service providers, resellers and anyone seeking to move away from VMware as a result of Broadcom’s acquisition and strategy. We have dedicated, onsite support and solution architects that can assist including migration away from your current platform.

If you are interested in migrating over to our mCloud platform, please reach out to us via the form at the top of this page. We’d love to have a conversation and assist you on the next stage of your cloud platform journey.

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