Raspberry Pi

We support Australian Raspberry Pi users by providing a highly secure and redundant home in the Micron21 Data Centre – free of charge.

The information landscape is forever in flux. To embrace change and remain relevant, you need to work with the latest technology.

As a means of supporting progressive businesses, we offer free access to a custom 2N Raspberry Pi co-location enclosure. Our enclosure is designed around two power supplies (A and B) connected by two USPs (A and B), connected to 3N redundant diesel generators.

The network has been engineered with a true 2N topology. The enclosure is uplinked to two dedicated switches (A and B), with each dedicated switch supported by two redundant uplinks to two A10 AX hardware load balancers.

Our load balancers are then redundantly uplinked to our highly redundant Micron21 core network.

Raspberry Pi owners have the option of co-location on the A or B side of the enclosure for redundancy when co-locating more than one unit.

Why choose the Micron21 Raspberry Pi Co-location enclosure?

  • Free access to fully redundant 2N A and B power allocation.
  • 99.9% Service Level Agreement.
  • Online bandwidth statistics including source destination and protocol type.
  • Access 10GB of data block allowance on 100mbit premium DDoS protected bandwidth.
  • A10 AX Hardware Load Balancing – High Availability Clustering.
Free Raspberry Pi Co-Location Service for Australian Businesses Monthly Cost
Raspberry Pi Co Location @ Micron21 Data Centre FREE (One Pi Per Business)
10GB Block Data on 100mbit Premium DDoS Protected Bandwidth FREE
Single Static IPv4 Address within a shared subnet mask and vlan FREE
Single Static IPv6 Address within a shared subnet mask and vlan FREE
Raspberry Pi Co-location Standard Features
A10 AX Hardware Load Balancing – High Availability Clustering YES
Dedicated IPv6 / IPv4 or VIP (Load balanced) Address YES
Email Only Business Hours Best Effort Support ONLY Free Remote Hands - Business Hours Best Effort Support ONLY
Service Level Agreement 99.9% Mon-Fri 9am-6pm Free Escorted Access
Paid Support packages Options 24/7 Support Options Here
Fully Redundant 2N - A and B Power Allocated per Pi Enclosure YES
No minimum term or contract YES
Online bandwidth statistics - Including Source Destination and Protocol Type YES
User choice of paid data plans YES
Setup Fee None
Current Empty Slots in Micron21 Pi Enclosure Limited Space

Service conditions.

This free service is available to Australian Business. Customers local to our data centre (located in Melbourne) are encouraged to bring devices onsite for installation and configuration.

For interstate and international customers, Micron21 provides IP address connection information so you can pre-configure the device for plug and play installation.

Excess data for any free or paid services will be charged at $2.50 per GB.

Micron21 reserves the rights to no longer accept any new free customers at any time or cancel any free service at any time.

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