Veeam self service portal via VMware Cloud Director


Veeam Self-Service Backup Portal is web portal which allows customers with VMs hosted within VMware Cloud Director organisations to perform self-service backup and recovery operations on VMs.

Operations that can be performed

The following operations can be performed from the ‘VMs’ and ‘Files’ tab:

  • Instant VM Recovery - Instantly spin up a copy of your VM from backup, which will operate in place of the original VM. This option is used when the original VM is suddenly unavailable and an immediate instance of the recovered VM is required. An example scenario is if the VM failed suddenly and business operations were unable to continue and a recovered instance of the VM is urgently needed to resume business operations.

  • Restore entire VM - Restore a copy of backed up VM to the original location with the original name and settings, or to a new location with the same or different settings. This option is used when the original VM is unavailable and an recovered instance is required, but there is no urgency to the recovery. An example scenario is if a VM was purposefully deleted a week ago, but data is required from the VM or the VM needs to be reinstated without immediate urgency.

  • Restore VM Virtual Disks - Restore a disk to the original or a new VM. This option is used when a disk has been removed from a VM or has failed. An example scenario is if a disk was purposefully removed from the server a week ago, but now data is required from the disk.

  • Restore vApp - Restore a vApp to the original location with original settings, or a different location with the same or different settings. This option is used to recover a deleted or failed vApp.

  • File recovery - Restore one or more individual files from the backup directly back to your server. NOTE - File recovery requires certain ports to be opened and accessible publicly on the target VM via the Micron21 Veeam platform at IP If the ports aren’t opened or communication can’t occur on the ports then file recovery operations will fail. See the following for more details:

    Linux - TCP 22 (SSH)
    Windows - TCP 49152-65535 (Windows 2008+ Dynamic RPC port range), TCP/UDP 35, 137 to 139, 445

    NOTE: If issues are encountered with file recovery, a Micron21 Support agent may be able to perform the file recovery on your behalf. Reach out to for assistance.

Operations that can’t be performed

Due to limitations with the platform, the following operations within the ‘Items’ tab can’t be performed:

  • Item recovery - Recovery of one or more individual items from within a database backup

  • File download - Download of one or more individual files from a backup, however a Micron21 support agent may be able to perform this work on your behalf. Please reach out to for assistance.

How to access the Veeam Self-Service Backup web portal

The Veeam Self-Service Backup web portal can be accessed through the VMware Cloud Director portal:

  1. Browse to (Replacing customerID with the customer number found on your invoice)

  2. Sign in with your Micron21 provided vCloud credentials (typically in the format ‘customerID-00x’)

  3. Select the ‘More’ drop down item at the top right of the window

  4. Select ‘Data Protection with Veeam’. If you don’t see ‘Data Protection with Veeam’ here, please reach out to Micron21 Support via for assistance.

How to perform a VM recovery operation

The following steps

  1. Access the web portal by going to ‘More > Data Protection wtih Veeam’

  2. Select the desired recovery method unde te ‘VMs’ or ‘Files’ tab

  3. Select the desired recovery date and select ‘Next’

  4. Follow the wizard to complete recovery


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